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You are faced with a lot of choices in where to spend your networking efforts, so we appreciate you taking the time to check out our website. The best way to spend your time really depends on you and your networking needs. Your Networking Universe helps to solve a lot of challenges that networkers face.

For many, networking is a random concept. You meet someone at a networking event and you try to build a relationship - maybe pass some business back and forth. But how do you maintain that relationship? If you join a referral group - it's easier. Now, suddenly, you have consistency. You see these people every week or every two weeks and you have a chance to build a relationship. Even then, though, business relationships can weaken over time. This should not happen. Business relationships should grow much stronger over time and you should be able to pass and receive many more leads with people in your network as time passes.The answer to that problem is training and system. Each of our networking groups has access to the latest training on networking skills, networking mindset, referral passing skills, maximizing your time at a networking event skills and many more skills that enable you to excel in both a closed and open networking environment.

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How YNU Works

To become a successful networker, one first must adopt a successful networking attitude. Networking is first and foremost about giving. Before you can expect someone to help you, you have to figure out how to help them. Yet successful networking is not just about giving. You also need a system.

That system includes:
Communication: A way to communicate with your network that makes sense.

Top of Mind Awareness: This ties back to the communication system but is so vital to your success that it must also be separated. You must find a way for your network to think about you early and often throughout their day (and you them).

Organization: Managing a network is similar to managing a business. There has to be a way to organize your priorities, help everyone understand their role in the network, and provide a foundation for your network to succeed.

Training: There is no other way to get your network all on the same page. Continuous learning is a must in a successful network.

If you have been looking for a way to build a network that makes sense and that works, you have come to the right place. We have spent the last 12+ years developing a system that anyone can use to create a network, plug people into a network, train a network and sustain a network. We hope you will join us.